Monday, 15 March 2010

Tutus everywhere

The blogospshere is full of tutus and Emma loves ballet. Therefore, I needed to make her a tutu. Simple as that :) I found simple instructions and nice pictures from ambrosialove's Flickr photostream and bought a lot of tulle to make the tutu.

I involved Emma in the project and let her choose colours. She was so happy! Surprisingly, she did not pick pinks and reds, but instead opted for mint green, lilac and white. Nice combinaison of colours! She also decided that the tutu would be a part of her fairy costume, so she also wanted mint green fairy wings. I could not find mint green wings anywhere, but luckily lilac ones were easier to find and I bought those. Actually, I probably should have made those mint green wings myself, but I felt a bit lazy...

Here she is, very happy with her new fairy costume!



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Emma on niiiiiiiiiiin söötti. Tuohan taas tarroille. :)



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