Saturday, 6 March 2010

Pyjama pants

My mother made new bed linen for Emma from a pink Hello Kitty fabric. Emma loved the sheets (Um, Hello Kitty AND pink, how can one go wrong with those?) and I took the fabric scraps even though I didn't have any idea what to make from them. To be completely honest, I do not like to use fabrics that have cartoon (or tv or whatever) characters in them, I kind of feel like they take all the attention from the actual garment or it's wearer away. Or that they block my creativity. I don't know... Pretty stupid, I know!

Bearing that in mind, I did not like to see that fabric in my scrap pile. Emma was in desperate need of new pyjamas, so I decided to use the Hello Kitty fabric to make her a pair of jammies. They actually turned out quite nice!

I did not use any particular pattern but used an old pair of pants that I cut to pieces as the pattern.

I made one mistake, though. I didn't wash the fabric before I made the pants. I bet you can guess what happened... Yep. They shrank! Luckily I made them extra long, so even after the shrinking, the pants were still usable. I will never make the same mistake again!

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Mishka said...

Lovely pyjama pant for it.



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