Thursday, 13 October 2011

Summer sewing

Remember the linens I bought this summer? I actually used some of them to make a tunic for Emma and she liked it a lot. It has been worn a lot already and I am hoping it will still fit her next summer! The pattern is from this Japanese sewing book, it is a very popular pattern in the blogosphere. 

Originally there was a casing in the waist with same pale blue silk ribbon as the sleeves have but I got tired of re-attaching the ribbon (my girl likes to climb a lot and the bow just kept getting stuck to tree branches and such. Now there is elastic in the casing and I am considering adding just a small pale blue bow to the side. Chances are that it will get ripped off just as easily as the whole ribbon did but it would be pretty...

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Pattern: Mario beret
Yarn: Peru Wool by Grønhøj Garn
Needles: 5 dpns

Last year I made my mum this Mario beret and thought the pattern was excellent. I wanted one for myself as well and bought black wool to make it. I finally made it this week and to my disappointment, it is too small for me! Or it does fit, but it is not as slouchy as I would want it to be. Perhaps it will stretch when used. Also, I do not think black hats suit me! Perhaps I need to buy some grey yarn and try again. Also, I do not recommend this yarn, it is quite coarse and the surface of the finished hat is not nice and smooth. Serves me right, it was very very cheap...

My lovely girl promised to model for me so I could get at least a few decent outdoor pictures of it. As you can see, the hat fits her perfectly. Just guess whether she likes it or not? Yep, she hates it (and she's playing tigers, LOL).

Monday, 10 October 2011

Fall socks

Basic socks, cannot even remember the yarn. Like the colours separately but the combination of these yarns is not working IRL for some reason. And the ribbing is not long enough, I like longer sock cuffs.

Sorry for these long absences from my blog, somehow this year it seems that I am just too busy. Or actually, I don't have time to take photos of my creations, since I am never home when there would be enough light! Don't go away, I'll figure something out and start posting more regularly sometime soon(ish).


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