Sunday, 21 March 2010

Nightgown for Emma

Time for a book review again :) This time I grabbed one of my newest finds, Happy homemade wardrobe vol. 2 Kids, since I think it has all the basic clothes a child needs for a summer.  As all the other books I have, this one is mainly concentrated on girls' clothes, but it does have some unisex clothes in it.


Happy homemade wardrobe, vol. 2
ISBN 978-4-579-11243-2
Paperback: 55 pages
Publisher: Bunka Shuppan Kyoku (May 2009)
Language: Japanese
Clothes for sizes 100-130cm

There are dresses, shirts, pants and shorts, and the patterns are very simple and instructive pictures are very clear. As always, the pictures in this Japanese sewing book are lovely. I decided to make a dress for Emma, but since we are still in the middle of the winter, I decided to use flannel and make it a night gown instead. The dress looks a bit like a night gown, so just changing the fabric was enough.


Here is the end result. Pink flannel was very nice to work with and I think this gown is warm enough to use in winter time. Emma was not very cooperative (putting on sleepwear in the daytime, what was I thinking?), but I managed to take one picture. I bribed her with liquorice :)


SatuK said...

Kirja kuulostaa kivalta. Onko vaatteet kovin leveitä?

Tuia said...

Piti oikein kaivaa kirja esiin ja tutkia. Ei mallit kovin leveitä ole, pojille löytyy paita, shortsit ja vajaamittaiset housut sekä yksi huppari. Tyttojen mekot on melko suoralinjaisia, muutama vähän leveämpi on joukossa. Paidat on aika leveitä. Siinä tarkempi analyysi :)

Lisää kuvia löytyy muuten Etsystä, Pomadourin nettikaupasta. Sieltä ostan suurimman osan kirjoistani!


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