Sunday, 28 March 2010

More nightwear

I know, too many pyjamas and such, but these I have been making lately, since Emma needs new ones. This one I actually made before Christmas already, but since I was not blogging at that time, I could not show this then : ) The fabric is again leftovers from bead linen set my mother made Emma, but this time there was not enough fabric to make full lenght pants. I did not like the Moomin fabric, or actually the colour, but it seems that lace can do wonders. I actually liked the end result very much! The tee is store bought, I just added some ruffles to the front.

The pictures are a bit dark, but I took the pictures after dark (Emma's bedtime...) and my camera is not the greatest. Emma's poses are once again her own, I really don't understand where she gets those!

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