Thursday, 11 March 2010

From a granny shirt to a sweet dress

I like rummaging through stuff at fleamarkets, but I only buy things, if I can really justify the purchase. At one time, I kept buying lots of men's shirts to make dresses for Emma, but then I realised that I already had too many and the piles of shirts are still in my closet, waiting to be used. So I stopped. But then I saw this quite ugly shirt and I immediately knew it had some potential. It cost me two euros, so not the cheapest of finds, but I decided to buy it anyway. I had been planning to make a dress for Emma's friend as a birthday present and this was going to be it.

Here is the shirt, isn't it depressing! There is one, slightly bigger flower embroidery in the back and I decided to use the back side as the front of the dress.

I used a pattern I had for the top part of the dress and the bottom half was made from a fabric scrap my mother had given me. It was barely enough, but I think this dress is still kind of sweet, just like the girl who got it. Oh, and the pockets are aligned nicely, they just seem a bit warped in this picture.


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