Wednesday, 30 March 2011

A squirrel bag - and revealing the mystery prize!

I made this bag for Emma since she was begging me to make her a bag to fit all her ballet gear. So when I saw this pattern from verypurpleperson I had to try. She has the most stylish sewing ideas ever! The original bag is reversible and I guess this is also but the lining is quite lightweight fabric and gets wrinkled easily, so I prefer this squirrel side of the bag. And so does Emma.

This is the other side of the bag, a bit wrinkled still due to my complete lack of ironing skills:

And this is the reverse, both sides are the same and just as wrinkled:

Emma chose these fabrics by herself and she did a great job! The squirrel fabric is from Ikea, the polkadot is an old piece of canvas and I have no idea where I've bought it. The pink flower fabric is an old curtain, never used, so my mother donated it to me.

Now to the giveaway. I still haven't finished the mystery prize, minor sewing still needs to be done but as you might have already guessed, the fabrics in this picture will become a similar bag. Hope you like it :)

Please go and take part in the giveaway! I just extended the time until Wednesday 6th of April since I realized that I am going on a cruise with my family on Sunday and won't be here to select the winners :)


Naturally Carol said...

Hi Tuia..I like your new bag. The squirrel fabric is fabulous..doesn't Ikea have some amazing fabrics!

Tuia said...

Thanks, Carol :)


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