Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Japanese craft books, part 2

My plan is to feature all my Japanese craft books, one by one, with examples of the clothes and crochet works that I have made. This is now the second post on the books and - surprise, surprise - the second book! I know, I am not very funny, but at least I am trying very hard... Or not. Sigh.

This time I am featuring a book that I was a bit disappointed with at first, but learnt to love. The patterns, although there are only a few, work and have something extra in all of them.


Shirley Temple Handmade Clothes
ISBN 978-4-7661-1778-3
Paperback: 79 pages
Publisher: Graphic Sha (March 2007)
Language: Japanese
Clothes for sizes 100-130 cm

The book has only a handful of clothes patterns and the rest of the pages are filled with accessories. The theme is obviously Alice's adventures in Wonderland, even though the book title suggests something Shirley Temple themed. I Googled a bit and it seems that Shirley Temple is a children's clothing brand and is not actually meant to define the content of this book, except that the clothes are definitely cute. It also has a sister line, Emily Temple Cute , which is meant for grown ups.  The latest Shirley Temple collection was introduced in the shortcoco. magazine (You gotta love the name!), vol. 13. That's an interesting looking magazine and I might just have to order one from Amazon.  Oh, the dangers of Google - You end up spending money on stuff you didn't even know existed! Anyway, back to the book. To my dismay, some of the nicest garments in the book are not included in the patterns, but luckily they can still be used for inspiration. For example, there is no pattern for the dress in the cover, only the top hat hair piece is featured.


I made a pair of capri pants for Emma. The fabric is actually an old pillow cover and the rest are also repurposed cloth pieces. These are a bit small for her, so for next summer I will need to make a bigger pair. I loved these!

By the way, that was Emma's favourite pose last summer. I have no idea where it came from!

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