Saturday, 30 October 2010

Baby toys

 I like crocheted toys, they are so soft and nice. I just had to make some after I found good instructions from Garnstudio. They have cute designs and I now have this urge to try knitting as well.. I just need to buy some knitting needles!

I found the instructions for the rattle from Garnstudio's website. The rattles are filled with wadding and since I wanted them to sound like maracas, I added a small plastic container inside and filled that with red lentils. The plastic container is from Kinder Surprise milk chocolate egg, those are very well made and do not break open easily. The rattles are not the same size, since I forgot to follow the instructions...

Everyone repeat after me: That ball is round, that ball is round, that ball is round... Anyway, it WAS round but then my daughter started throwing it around and it was ruined. Next time I'll add more wadding inside, perhaps that helps. Oh, and I will also follow directions and do not just improvise. So the ball is my own design, although I did check Martha Stewart's and Garnstudio's instructions. I just didn't have the patience to follow them!

Linking this to Tea Rose Home, please go and check it out!

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Red and white scarf

Remember this post from May? I am finally finished with the scarf. It took a looooong time since I did not have any motivation to finish it - I did not have any use for the finished scarf... Anyway, it was a good thing that I did finish it, since Emma absolutely loves it and insists on wearing it even though it is now too cold for cotton scarfs.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Crocheted collar

I must say that this collar looks complicated but was actually very easy and fast to make. I made the inner part with multicoloured yarn and I am regretting it a bit. I should have made the entire collar with the multicoloured yarn or then just left it out completely. Right now it just isn't showing the way I intended. The original design had crocheted ribbon, I opted for silk instead.

The collar is once again from this book:

I just might have to make an another one with some nice, soft, warm yarn. Perhaps silk and merino blend? Oh, there was also a pattern for a bigger collar, so I could make one for myself as well...

Monday, 4 October 2010

A pair of leggings

I really do not like stretchy fabrics. This jersey knit was not exactly the easiest fabric to work with, it stretched too much! However, I got it for free and since I liked the colours I just had to try. Leggings seemed like the easiest project to start with.

By the way, I did notice that the skirt and the top are  a bit too small but Emma loves both and refuses to let them go. Seemed very appropriate to use those for this photo, for the last time. She can keep this photo, not the clothes :)


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