Saturday, 13 March 2010

Once upon a time...

My daughter has been asking me to buy her a princess dress. Since I absolutely hate spending any money on those shiny polyester dresses that are available in stores, I decided to make one myself. I mean, how hard can it be? Some tulle, some fabric and probably some lace and sparkly bits, that's what princess dresses are made of.

Since the dress was for my lovely Princess Emma, I involved her in the design process. We borrowed some books from the library for inspiration and set to work. We especially liked this book by Lenée Grue and Line Watt, Prinsessakirja.

Emma definitely knew what she wanted. She wanted puff sleeves, a flowing skirt and some sparkly bits, preferably in pink. That was the easy part. I also had my own vision of the dress in my mind and selfishly chose the fabrics. I chose green fabric for the bottom part of the dress and Emma protested. Pink, pink, pink she argued. Then I remembered that her favourite princess of all times is Princess Fiona from Shrek and that helped: Princess Fiona wears green! She also IS green, but I did not want to give Emma any ideas and did not mention that :)

Here she is, Princess Emma!

The dress in made entirely of repurposed fabrics. The green skirt is an old sheet, the pink fabric is from an 80's shirt my mother gave me and the white crown is made from leftovers of a shirt I used to make Emma a shirt dress. Oh, and the waist is made from an old linen napkin. I did not use any particular pattern for the dress, but I did use some different top patterns to make the sleeves and the body. I bought the crown from a craft fair, but I cannot remember the name of the maker and there is no label on the crown. 

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