Monday, 30 May 2011

Baby bonnet

A simple baby bonnet for a toddler. A bit too simple, missing ruffles, lace or something! Simple to make, pattern my own (read: copied and combined from a few shop bought bonnets).

Did I stress the word "simple" enough?

Monday, 23 May 2011

Birthday gifts

This hat is the very same I made for Emma last year. This time I used a bit lighter pink and different colours for the flowers. The lining is made from my old pale pink tee shirt and is exactly the same colour as one of the petal layers in the flower. Coincidence, but a good one!

I made the hat for Emma's cousin and I also crocheted the same collar I made last year to go with the hat. This time I crocheted the ribbon instead of using silk since I noticed that the silk ribbon does not stay put and tying Emma's collar again and again (and she does not like to be disturbed all the time while running around and consequently did not help me very much...) every time she was wearing it made me realize that the original instruction to use crocheted ribbon was quite ok anyway, LOL.

Oh, these blurry pictures annoy me so much!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

She's got talent! And momma is so proud...

 I was planning to show this to you already earlier but as you can see from the photo, my camera is still broken and it seems that I am not getting a new one very soon. I want a good camera and I need some time to think what I should buy. In the meantime, all my pictures are a bit blurry, sorry about that.

However, isn't this amazing! My 5 year old made this for me in her day care! Emma was so proud showing it to me and her instructor told me that she did not need any help. She helped others instead after she had finished hers. I am so proud of my little girl :)

Monday, 16 May 2011

New dress for Emma

Emma needed a new dress for her cousin's birthday party. This time I let her choose the fabric (from my stash) and she chose pink. After choosing the fabric I let her choose the pattern as well from my Japanese books and she likes this one the best. The pattern is from Happy Homemade Wardrobe, vol. 2 and so simple and nice. I used the same pattern for a dress last year. This time I omitted the sleeve ruffles and applique, I was in a hurry and both my serger and sewing machine were refusing to cooperate. My machines clearly need some loving care, I just have not had any time to get those fixed. Anyway, I think I am going to add pockets to this dress, it is a bit too plain for my taste.

I also made the ruffled leggings for her but those cannot be seen so clearly from these photos. They were a bit tight so the ruffles are not showing so well anyway. Next time I need to remember to make a bit looser leggings!

As you can see, the backside is a bit funny. As said, I was in a hurry and interpreted the instructions a bit wrong. However, it was a cold day and she was wearing a cardigan the whole day, so no one noticed, LOL.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


My phone's camera seems to be broken, all pictures are so blurry that it's not worth to posting any of them here. So in case you are wondering, I have sewn, knitted and crocheted during the past month or so but have not been able to post. I guess I really need to buy a camera soon.

Anyway, here's one project that I did almost a month ago: birdhouses! I got the tutorial from Just Call Me Martha and just glued away. I used my glue gun for the first time ever and got immediately addicted: so easy! My (or actually Emma's) birdhouses don't open, I glued them shut.


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