Monday, 24 May 2010

Work in progress

On a whim, I started crocheting a scarf during the weekend. It is not done yet, but I really like the pattern and colours. Unfortunately, I cannot see myself wearing it... Oh well, I think I will finish it anyway and think about the use afterwards. The yarns I am using are again Mandarin Petit, although I ran out of white and now I need to decide whether I'll buy some more, or use the Estonian yarns I bought a while back.

I just had to start crocheting since I finally had time to open this crochet book I got a while back. I love it! It is again very inspiring and the instructions are so clear. There are so many projects I want to make from this book.

Pretty Color Crochet and Knit Goods
Paperback: 95 pages
Publisher: Shufuno Tomo Sha
Language: Japanese
24 Projects, including scarfs, hats, pot holders, cushions, collars, fruits 
I  just found out that this is the first book of a series and I would really like to get the second part as well. I just might have to splurge...

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Favourite dress to favourite skirt

 Two years ago this was Emma's favourite dress. She wanted to wear it all the time, everywhere. She was very sad, when the dress became too small and I promised to find a similar one in a bigger size. I never did and forgot the whole thing. Then a couple of months ago Emma found the dress and wanted to try it on. Obviously it was even smaller than before, but I decided to make it work. So I cut the top part off and made a skirt from the bottom part. I saved the sailor collar and it can now be used separately.

I added a wide waist band made from an old sheet to the waist, and even though it really isn't shown in my pictures here, it is tied with a bow in the back.I wanted to make a huge bow, but unfortunately I did not have enough fabric. Doesn't matter, I think it is cute anyway!

Now I have one very happy girl - and plans to do the same thing for another dress she cannot fit into anymore!

Monday, 17 May 2010

Lots of dots and a pair of too tight denim leggings

I finally found courage to tackle jersey fabric and made this dress for Emma. I don't like jersey, because I always have issues with the trimmings, but this time the result was ok. Don't look too closely, though ;)

The pattern is from Burda magazine (April 2010 issue) and very simple. The pattern had three ruffles to the hem, but I only made two. I liked it better this way. Here is an image from the magazine to compare.

I also made the denim leggings (or should I say jeggings...) Emma is wearing. I used an old denim skirt of mine that was very soft and stretchy, but still I managed to make them a bit too tight from the waist. They are very comfortable to wear, but getting them on (and off) is a pain.I think I will have to adjust them a bit , maybe add an elastic waist band or something. 

The pattern for leggings came from one of my Japanese sewing books. I'll let you know which one, when I find it again. I put it somewhere and now I cannot find it at all. Anyway, the pattern for the leggings is very good  and clear,  I am definitely using it again!

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Curtain skirt - with lace!

I got the fabric for this skirt from my mother. It was actually a curtain, but my mom bought it because she thought I might like the fabric. She was right, I like the colours a lot. The curtains were really cheap, so she also bought two other curtains and I have plans for those as well.

The pockets are made from another curtain! It was just a small fabric scrap, leftovers from a curtain my mom made for her kitchen, but I thought I could use them as pockets, and I did :) There is also a bit of old lace at the hem of the skirt, which is being reused from an old bed sheet.

Emma wanted to yawn in the pictures, so it took me a while to convince her to act at least somewhat normal. She did get her yawning shots and she thought these were the best ones.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Waiting for summer!

Now when we have had one day of warm weather, it is time to think about summer clothes. I got a few old clothes from a relative and when I saw this skirt, I knew it had some potential. I love the colours! The fabric is very thin but you can tell it is of good quality and it is very soft. I think Emma will love wearing this when (or if?) the real summer kicks in. I used Emma's old dress as the pattern for this dress.

I have some of this fabric left and I think I will make another dress from it. Or a skirt. Remains to be seen :)

Friday, 7 May 2010

Every baby needs a tutu...

I made these baby clothes in January already but had forgotten them completely. Pictures are not the best, since I did not take them for my blog and now the baby has grown too big for these clothes (and is too far away anyway, boohoo...) that I cannot take better ones. This was a baby gift to my dear friend.

I think that every newborn baby girl needs her own tutu and that is what I made for baby Vivian as well. I bought two bodies from H&M and decorated those to be worn with the tutu. I kind of thought that something was missing still and found this old piece of good quality velour from my fabric stash and decided to make a romper. The fabric is from the eighties and I remember that my mother made me, my bother and herself pants using this fabric. The colour is weird, but works really well with soft pink and white. I hope you can get your eyes off the baby and look at the romper, I almost couldn't! Just look at the cheeks... Oh, and she is asleep, only time I could take focused pictures :)

The pattern is from an old Suuri Käsityökerho magazine (1/2008) and it has been designed by Tiia Vanhatapio, who has her own collection of couture baby clothes, Vanhatapio Bebes.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Spring skirt

 I made this skirt for Emma a few months ago already, but it looked rather weird in the middle of the winter, so she has not yet worn it anywhere.The skirt is based on Dana's Market Skirt but I was too lazy to make the pockets. Maybe I'll add them later, since I have the perfect buttons for them!

The lighting in these pictures is a bit funny. I really would need to get a better camera...

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Labour Day celebrations

Emma wanted to dress up as a mime for Labor Day party and so she did. This must be the simplest costume ever, I did not even have to sew anything. We did not have good face paints, but Emma approved of the end result anyway. She just told me that she will NOT be quiet, she will be a talking mime. All right then :)


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