Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Ruffles - my entry to Disney's lovely competition!

I got very excited a few weeks ago: Disney at the Ruffles And Stuff is hosting a competition with amazing prizes and I knew I just had to take part. My head has been buzzing with ideas, but unfortunately, I have not had so much time to create anything. Finally I decided on making a simple ruffle top for Emma. The competition is all about ruffles, so to make the top a bit more ruffly, I also made a ruffle brooch to go with the top. I have seen some entries in Disney's blog and there are some really amazing stuff being created. So, what do you think? Is this ruffly enough?

I had a hard time choosing what picture to post here, so I added all I took (minus one with a big cheesy fake smile...). I know the outfit is a bit ridiculous at this time of the year, but Emma refused to take off the tights, and the shorts were the only item in her wardrobe I could think of matching with the top, and I do realize they are not the best combinaison.  I think I must sew something a bit nicer to wear with the top!

Oh, and could someone please tell my four-year-old that she does not need to try look so grown up in photos??  Her only reply to me was that she is not four but four and a half! Right.

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