Monday, 27 September 2010

Crocheted Flower Cap

I seem to be posting only crochet projects but trust me, I am also sewing a lot. My model is not co-operating, so you'll just have to wait a bit longer before I can show you what I made.

Anyway, this crocheted cap (or a hat? I am not sure which one is correct, or is it something completely different) is again from this book:

The original design is a bit different, it has braids in the sides. I was too lazy to make those and then I also wanted this cap to be practical and thought that it would be better without the braids. However, I am still contemplating whether I should add the braids, I like them a lot...

The original design did not have a lining either but since it is already quite cold in Finland, I decided to add it. I happened to have some old pants of mine that were the perfect pink knit and since they were stained with paint I happily sacrificed them to this project. Now I have a lot of pink jersey left and I am thinking of making something else with it. I did not use any pattern for the lining but I did measure my daughter's head to make sure that the lining fit her.

If you look closely, you will notice that the flowers on each sides are different. Originally the colour order was pink - pale pink - white - violet - green but I swapped the place of white and violet since it looked better in my mind. Anyway, I was too lazy to make a third flower and decided that it did not matter if the flowers were different on each sides. Emma loves her cap and hasn't even noticed that the flowers do not match!

Monday, 20 September 2010

A new bag

I am in love with all my Japanese crochet books! The instructions are so simple and the designs so girly and pretty. This time I made this bag for Emma. I chose the colours in a whim, which I started regretting the moment I noticed that I possibly did not have enough of the turquoise yarn. Luckily there was enough yarn anyway so this bag was finished quite quickly, even the tiresome picot edgings to all the seams.

The bag is from the book Pretty Color Crochet and Knit Goods, Part 2. I also have the first book of the series and if there are more to come, I will be buying all of them. I really love the patterns.  By the way, I need to update my bookshelf, since I have acquired quite a few books more than what is shown there. Just noticed that! 

I added white lining to the bag even though there was no lining in the original. My crochet is always so loose that I could not give this bag to Emma without a lining, all her precious princesses and hair pins and lip balms and whatnots could not have stayed in it without the lining  - although I do suspect that since the bag is very open, her stuff will anyway end up on the streets, since she keeps tossing and turning her bags when she walks (or rather runs...) around. Anyway, the lining is made from an old linen tablecloth which was too small for any table in our house. It is sturdy and crispy white and had a nice pattern, perfect for the bag. Too bad I did not take any pictures of the inside of the bag.

A closeup of the handles. They needed to be quite sturdy and I utilized the edge of the tablecloth to make them, just because I liked the stripey pattern of the edge.

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Thursday, 16 September 2010

Busy Busy Busy - lots of WIPs

My mind is full of lovely sewing and crochet projects but I have no time to make those ideas come to life. Work and real life in general seems to take all my time. Perhaps in a week or two things will calm down - Emma will have her autumn (and winter!) clothes sorted out and all the unfinished house renovation projects will be finished, I will have my own clothes closet reorganized and I have learnt to manage time better. I wish... Hah.

In the meantime, here are the projects that I have had time to start but not finish.

- a jeans skirt for Emma (almost finished, just a few finishing touches missing)
- a shirt dress for Emma in nice fall colours (fabric bought, pattern cut)
- crocheted bag for Emma (almost done, finishing touches missing)
- summer dress for me (oops, maybe for next summer?)
- black trousers for me (so boring - have been almost done since April, oops again)
- lining for the pink crocheted basket (did one version already but did not measure properly and it was too small)

I am also planning to make these projects, as soon as I have time.

- crocheted home shoes for me and Emma
- skirt for me
- woollen shorts for Emma (I think she will look so cute in shorts and tights)
- a crocheted brooch for a friend (yes, I am committed and am seeking for inspiration, Petriina ;))

...and probably many other projects that I just cannot remember right now. I even ordered some new bamboo yarns...

I will be back.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

No more dishcloths! Bamboo yarn stash now gone...

I think I am boring everyone by continuing to show these crocheted dishcloths, but I don't think I am finished with them yet. I made these from leftover yarns, I think these are kind of fun.The multicolored yarn is not bamboo, it is actually 100% cotton, but I did not have enough bamboo yarn to make these and I wanted to add splashes of colour.

There is a heart in the middle of this one, I swear! I was inspired by a Canadian artist who crochets texts -  her blog, (sc), is so much fun to look at! I wanted to make something similar and experimented with adding a heart to the middle of the dishcloth. I kind of like it. Unfortunately I ran out of yarn and had to add lace trimming to only two sides to make the dishcloth look even and that was a bit of a mistake. iI looks a bit silly! I will use it, though.

I tried a new lace pattern for making the trimming to this dishcloth. Cute.

 I did not have enough yarn to make single colour dishloths from these yarns. So I added a multicoloured trim, once again.

This is the final dishcloth I made. I used up every bamboo yarn I had (except green, dark blue and black, since they did not fit this colour palette). There are two different yellows, two turquoises, two pinks - the rest is made with the multicoloured yarn.

Monday, 6 September 2010

A few more - but I am doing something else as well

I also made two dark blue ones and one black. Impossible to photograph, though.

I was quite productive during the weekend and made some fall clothes for Emma as well. As soon as I can get her to cooperate, I will post the pictures. Right now she is refusing to pose for mommy :)

Friday, 3 September 2010

More! I just cannot stop making these...

I am beginning to suspect that my subconscious goal is to use up all my bamboo yarns so that I can buy new shades... This time I made some in shades of blue and green.

The dark blue one was very difficult to photograph, but it is beautiful! At least in my screen the last picture conveys the colour best.


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