Saturday, 27 February 2010

My very first sewing project

I know the exact date when I finally finished sewing something that could actually be worn by someone: May 25th, 2008. I know because I took a photo of the dress and here it is (still missing buttons, though):


The picture was taken at my workplace (hence the really boring desk with papers and a stapler), since I just had to show my (uninterested) colleagues what I had  made :DYou see, I work with a lot of engineers and they do not seem to care about sewing, or dresses, even. Go figure!
The fabric is from Amy Butler and the design is copied from one of Emma's old store-bought dresses. I had a hard time making the pockets and the end result is not something I was trying to make, but it works anyway. And I learned a lot making it :)

Here is the finished dress, which was unfortunately never worn. Emma had too many dresses at the time and all of a sudden, the dress was too small. I don't like growth spurts!


Yanyan said...

I LOVE this dress!!!! The fabric is beautiful!

Tuia said...

Thanks Yanyan! Amy Butler makes the best fabrics.



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