Thursday, 25 February 2010

Best find ever!

Last summer I went to a country auction with my mother and even though there really was nothing that I was looking for, I made a great find. I made an offer on a huge box of old linens and won it very cheaply and went happily home with my purchase. When I started going through the contents of the box I was very diappointed at first, since there was only one colourful bedsheet in the box and a few white linen sheets (handmade though!) and the rest of the box was filled with doilies. Hundreds of doilies in pretty pastel colours! At first I didn't know what to do with them, but I began to get excited. They were so cute and even though they smelled of cheap perfume, I realized that I could not have found anything better. And after washing them, the awful smell vanished!

Here are some pictures of my lovely doilies. I was trying to coordinate the colours to make a few blankets or sorts, that is why they are spread on our garden table!



Aren't they just lovely! I still haven't used them for anything, they are almost too precious to be used at all. Some longer table runners (not pictured) I dyed black and am now using in their original purpose on our dining room table, but others are still waiting for a suitable project.
Oh, I did use the pink ones once! Emma had her fourth birthday and I decided to use the doilies as table decoration. The whole theme was princesses and pink, she is very into all that girly stuff nowadays!


Here is the birthday girl, opening yet another gift and having her own private moment under the table :)

If only I had the courage to use the doilies, they are so lovely...


Chrissy said...

What a awesome find! Congrats on getting your hands on all of those beautiful doilies. Have you thought about framing the more interesting ones? I saw that idea in a Martha Stewart book and the display of framed doilies in the pictures was really lovely. Anyways...enjoy!

Tuia said...

Thanks, Chrissy! I think framing could be an option. The doilies are all different, so it is almost impossible to decide which ones are the nicest and worthy of framing but maybe I could frame a few colourful ones... Thanks for the idea!


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