Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Something blue

Last summer I found this gorgeous blue linen from a local fabric store and just had to buy it. I had no idea what to make of it, but it seemed a bit too blue for Emma and anyway I had lots so I could make something bigger, something for me! Scary thought, I had never really sewn anything for myself and thought it much more demanding than sewing for kids. Children don't have curves that complicate sewing. I have curves, lots of curves! Also in all the wrong places, so the plain thought of making a garment that actually fits and lookes nice was a bit intimidating. Finally I decided on an Amy Butler Lotus tunic and cami pattern and that's what I made. A dress. Yikes.

Picture from Amy Butler.

The pattern was quite easy to follow but I had a hard time choosing the right size. I am not that familiar with the U.S sizes and inches terrify me - they don't make any sense! I like my familiar meters and centimeters much more, no thinking of yardages and quarter of an inches for me... Anyway, it was not that bad, but I still managed to choose a size that was too big for me. Good thing that I had a lot of fabric!

I was very happy with the end result although it was still a bit big and I had to take it in in all the seams. I only noticed it from this photo, though. It was so comfy but admittedly, looked a lot better after changes, especially around the waist and stomach area! I am so sorry that I don't have a picture of the finished dress. It so happened, that the dress was my favourite and I used it the whole summer. I was planning to take another picture but never seemed to have time and then it started to look a little worn. Too bad, but I think I might have to make another one for next summer, the dress was so nice. This time I would like to use Amy Butler's fabrics, they are lovely!

Emma wanted to join me in this picture, so here she is with her favourite horsie.

I look so awkward in these pictures, but I was just hoping that my husband would take the photo fast, since we were already late from a summer party and Emma was not even dressed yet. We suck at managing time! But I still wish it was summer again... This winter is so freezing!

Speaking of blue clothes and Amy Butler, Emma is wearing a tunic I made from a piece of Wall Flower fabric from her Lotus collection. Here is a better picture of the tunic.

I think I used the same pattern as for the shirt dresses, but I am not sure anymore. I must be getting old, since my memory is failing me!

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