Monday, 22 February 2010

Stroller makeover

I think one of the most appreciated toys Emma has ever gotten are her doll's strollers. When she was younger, she used to sit in them herself or ask one of her friends to sit while she pushed them forward. Now they are mostly used for carrying dolls or teddy bears and they are used a lot. The strollers were really cheap but surprisingly durable, but time came when the fabric seat started falling apart. Something had to be done to save them.


I used the old seat as pattern for the new one, picked up a pretty fabric scrap from my stash (Emma has curtains of this fabric in her room) and got to work. I did not have any nice elastic or ribbon, so I decided to reuse the ones from the old seat. Here is the end result:


No surprises here - Emma hated the end result initially. Ariel was missing! After a while, she didn't mind anymore and now she does'nt even remember that there used to be a Disney princess there. That's great, since I like them much better now :)


k a t y said...

Tuia! That is so funny about our similar fabric choices! I don't like commercial products, either, but little girls can't seem to get enough of them :) Great job.

Tuia said...

Thanks, Katy! I think we both just have a very good taste ;)

~Beth D. said...

I made one last Christmas. I love that I am not the only one who did this! great idea! I made a new cover for about 2 bucks, saved my sister 10 bucks because her daughter HAD to have a stroller like her sister. Saving the environment one stroller at a time.


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