Sunday, 21 February 2010

A failure

Since I am still learning, I make a lot of mistakes. I need the seam ripper quite often, since my stiches are not straight and my sewing machine doesn't always do what I ask from her. I like to use patterns rather than make my own, but sometimes I try to recreate something storebought. This time I wanted to make a hat.

Emma had a very nice hat that unfortunately did not fit colour-wise to any of her outerwear. I decided to make a similar one with fabrics that matched Emma's overalls. I used old pair of pink fleece pants to the exterior and old pyjama pants for the lining. The buttons are spare buttons from my shirts. 


Emma loved it. There was only one problem: the hat was too small! Here you can see the problem a bit better and note that the hat has been tucked as low as possible on her head and it doesn't stay there. It goes UP. Sigh. You can't always succeed, I know.

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