Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Big words - or not really...

Wow. My own blog. I have tried blogging once before but since I did not feel I really had anything to share, I deleted the whole blog after a few months. Considering I had only written a few posts, I don't think my non-existing followers were very sad. But that was way back when blogging was very new. Now I feel like I should keep track of my crafting ideas somewhere and this blog tries to do just that.

No promises, though, I am not sure which way my ramblings turn. I might end up blogging only about designer bags (my other passion) and that does not really fit in with my recycling and reusing type of crafts. I also love decorating our home and cooking, so those might also start taking space away from crafts. Maybe it is best not to think beforehand how this blog might evolve, that way it will accurately present me, just the way I am :)

Oh, by the way, this is me:

I figured that since this is a very festive moment, starting a blog and all, a party picture would be appropriate.

I wish that my blog can be just as inspirational as the blogs I follow. It might take some time to make this as creative and nice, but at least I am having lots of fun trying!  :)


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