Friday, 24 June 2011

Daisies and roses - finished

Yes, the squares were made to a bag - I am so predictable! No, actually I was a bit lazy and did not feel like crocheting more squares, so bag was the natural solution. I did not use any pattern, just crocheted the squares together, added straps and a lining and called it a bag. The patterns for the daisy and the rose square came from ET magazine (09/11), Finnish pensioners' magazine that I borrowed from my mom. 

I added a pocket inside the bag and used some ricrac to decorate it.

Emma has not seen it yet, I hope she likes it!

Oh, this weekend we are celebrating midsummer, have a nice weekend everyone!


Wendy said...

I think it's lovely! I love the colours and it makes a great bag.

Prinsessa Pieni said...

Siitä tuli söpö :)

Meiju said...

Nämä sun virkkaukset on aina ihania! Hitsiläinen, mistähän mäkin saisin ET-lehden käsiini ;D

Tuia said...

Thanks, Wendy!
Kiitos, prinsessainen :)

Meiju, kiitos! Mä voin kopioida sulle noi ohjeet, jos haluat. Ainoa kerta, kun olen löytänyt tuosta lehdestä yhtään mitään mielenkiintoista :D

MamaDaniel said...

nice... :)


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