Friday, 17 June 2011

Three bags

I made three bags for Emma's kindergarten teachers - today is her last day in kindergarten. I used once again the pattern from verypurpleperson and this time I let Emma help me in sewing them. Emma has never before been allowed to touch my sewing machine so she was very excited. She sewed the bottom seams (under my very watchful eye) and did a very good job! She was very proud of her work, so we will continue these sewing exercises, perhaps she could make herself a gym sack or something simple as that.

A warning: My photos are really bad and almost all are blurry. I took them this morning, in a hurry and didn't check my camera settings.

The paisley fabric above is actually an old shirt that my husband has never worn. It seemed like a good idea to get some use of it, and it looks quite nice as a bag. The red bird fabric is from Almedahls, stripes and blue fabric from Ikea.The lining of the first bag is orange cotton.

The green lining fabric is an old table cloth and the tree fabric is, once again, from Ikea. I love Ikea fabrics!


SatuK said...

Todella kauniita laukkuja! Naulakkokin, hmm.. mihin sitä tuon laittaisi? :D

Tuia said...

Kiitos, Satu! Naulakko on muistaakseni Pinosta, tykkään kovasti.


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