Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Favourite dress to favourite skirt

 Two years ago this was Emma's favourite dress. She wanted to wear it all the time, everywhere. She was very sad, when the dress became too small and I promised to find a similar one in a bigger size. I never did and forgot the whole thing. Then a couple of months ago Emma found the dress and wanted to try it on. Obviously it was even smaller than before, but I decided to make it work. So I cut the top part off and made a skirt from the bottom part. I saved the sailor collar and it can now be used separately.

I added a wide waist band made from an old sheet to the waist, and even though it really isn't shown in my pictures here, it is tied with a bow in the back.I wanted to make a huge bow, but unfortunately I did not have enough fabric. Doesn't matter, I think it is cute anyway!

Now I have one very happy girl - and plans to do the same thing for another dress she cannot fit into anymore!

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