Friday, 15 April 2011

Something for the ballerina

Emma loves ballet. And I love it too, since apparently she learns languages there as well :) She can now count to ten in Swedish, English, German, French and Russian. Surprised me quite a bit! Except she does not like English words "nine" and "ten" but changes those always to French equivalents "neuf" and "dix". Funny girl.

One day she came from ballet and was very upset. ALL the other girls have leg warmers, she needed to have a pair as well. The girls had all the same pale pink polyester leg warmers and since I did not like those, (natural fibres are better) I decided to knit her some nicer ones. Luckily Emma loves colours so she was happy with these. Pattern is my own - or actually I did not use any pattern just knitted away through trial and error. I managed to use up the leftover yarns from my knee-high socks which was an added bonus :)

Now some ballet moves, courtesy of Emma.


Genki said...

Awww, these look so cute!

Tuia said...

Thanks, Genki!


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