Monday, 11 April 2011

Been missing me? I am back - with giveaway announcement!

Sorry for being absent for so long! I had a week long holiday and this time I really relaxed the whole week. We travelled a bit and slept a lot and then I had my birthday on last Friday so naturally we celebrated that with my friends. Holiday was fun but now I need to get back to the daily routines - work, hobbies, cleaning, cooking, all that and more. Bleh. 

Anyway, now to the winners! So sorry that I do not have any nice pictures about me drawing the winners but rest assured, this was supervised by my daughter and only thing she complained about was that in her opinion there should have been prizes for all. Well, maybe next time :)

The fox pillowcase goes to Elina.
The squirrel bag goes to Petriina.
The flower pillowcase goes to Henna.

Congrats to you all and thank you all for participating in helping the Japanese. The news from Japan are not reaching Finland anymore so frequently, but I know there are still people suffering even though the media has moved to other, more recent news items. Seems so sad that human suffering is so easily forgotten!

1 comment:

Petriina said...

Jee! Luulen vain, että meille tulee ritaa siitä, kenelle laukku kuuluu ;-) Tiedät nuo pienet neidit !


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