Saturday, 2 April 2011

REMINDER: Giveaway!

Just wanted to show you the mystery prize, finished it today :) If you haven't already participated, that's ok, you still have time! Just remember to place a comment to this post. You have time until Wednesday, April 6th.

Now, a bit more about this bag. I did not have enough squirrel fabric to make the handles so I chose to use the same stripe fabric that is in the other side of the bag. The lining is green with flowers and is also an old curtain my mother gave me. All other fabrics are from Ikea. The squirrel lost its ear when I made the bag so I just couldn't resist temptation and added a new ear to the poor creature. Hope you don't mind :)

The ear is a bit big and I do not have any idea what a squirrel ear looks like, but I think it is better to have too large ear than not to have an ear at all. Sorry about the blurry image, my phone's camera is getting lousier every day. I guess I have dropped it too many times...

Here's one final shot, the backside - and you can see a glimpse of the lining as well. The stripes are not even in the center and that is how I intended it ( just so that you don't think that I am THAT bad at sewing). Makes a bit more interesting center.


Wendy said...

What a great bag! I'm pretty sure squirrel's ears are small and pointy, but I like that ear, it suits him.

Anonymous said...

Siitähän tuli kiva. Ja sait valmiiksi tosi hyvissä ajoin.


Meeri said...

Ihana oravainen :D

Ilmoittauduin arvontaan tuonne aiempaan viestiin, mutta varmistetaan vielä tähän, että varmasti huomaat sen ;)


Tuia said...

Thanks Wendy :)I probably should have googled squirrel ears before I made that one! But I don't mind, the squirrel is a bit special anyway since it is holding a cheese cutter for some strange reason LOL

Kiitti, Elina :)

Huomasin kyllä, Meeri, mutta lisäkommentit ei oo koskaan pahasta!

Yanyan said...

This is so cute, especially the added ear! I never win anything in my life, maybe this one? :) Happy birthday dear!


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