Tuesday, 3 May 2011


My phone's camera seems to be broken, all pictures are so blurry that it's not worth to posting any of them here. So in case you are wondering, I have sewn, knitted and crocheted during the past month or so but have not been able to post. I guess I really need to buy a camera soon.

Anyway, here's one project that I did almost a month ago: birdhouses! I got the tutorial from Just Call Me Martha and just glued away. I used my glue gun for the first time ever and got immediately addicted: so easy! My (or actually Emma's) birdhouses don't open, I glued them shut.


Anonymous said...

Is there anything you would not do?

Meiju said...

Ihania!! Tosi hauskoja!

Tuia said...

Anonymous: Well, I don't like to do anything too difficult or time consuming, so yes there is, LOL. Otherwise I'm willing to try anything cute or fun.

Kiitos, Meiju :)


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