Thursday, 24 June 2010

Harem pants

My husband was very generous and reluctantly gave me three pairs of his old jeans. I love well-worn denim and those jeans were very well-worn.   I had a project in mind, so I was becoming a bit impatient and kept eyeing his jeans every time he put them to the laundry basket. I was actually wondering how he could wear them in public anymore and luckily he finally consented. I wanted to make Emma a pair of harem pants from soft, distressed denim.

The pattern is from an old Ottobre design magazine (Spring 1/2008), but I modified it a bit. I left out the gathers from the side seams, and since I was using old jeans I did not have enough fabric to make this from one piece of fabric like the pattern indicated and had to include front and side seams as well. I used the backsides of two pairs of jeans, since the front sides were too narrow for this project. I wish I had also added pockets, these pants would really be better with pockets! 

I kind of like them, but I think these are not quite what I was looking for. I want the harem pants to be baggy, and these are not baggy enough. I think I will add elastic gathers to the side seams, maybe that will help. At the same time I might also add the pockets. I'll show you the end result when I figure it out!

Emma: Mom, I think there is something wrong with these pants.
Me: No, they are alright. Why do you think so?
Emma: Well, they are too big from the top. They are not very practical.
Me: Well, that's called fashion, darling.


Anonymous said...

Mun mielestä haaremihousujen haaraosa saa roikkua melkein polvissa saakka. Mun desigual-housut taas ovat kuin säkki, jossa on alhaalla jalanreiät. Niissä on hankala ottaa pitkiä askelia.


Tuia said...

Niinhän sen haaraosan pitäisi. Tuossa kaavassa se jäi liian ylös ja eipä mulla olisi materiaaliakaan ollut isompaan pussitukseen. Mutta aion kokeilla pellavasta uusia, ne teen ihan oman kaavan mukaan. Kunhan ehdin...


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