Tuesday, 15 June 2010

10-minute nightgown

I have been busy with renovating our apartment and have not had time to sew. I have crocheted a bit and sewn a bit but I have not finished anything in ages. Well, for a week at least which is a long time for me!

So yesterday evening I decided to make something very simple and made a nightgown for Emma from a very boring jersey fabric. Emma needs new nightgowns so I made something useful for a change.

It seems to be a bit wrinkled even though I ironed it, apologies for that! As you can see, it is very basic and I had the pattern ready from earlier projects, so all I needed to do was to add the sleeves.

I did not even bother to turn the seams, I think it looks OK anyway. I might still add a ruffle to the hem since I have a few strips of the jersey left. The cutting and sewing took literally ten minutes, so it is good to save  used patterns. Something of a revelation to me actually... Anyway, one boring fabric used up, plenty to go. Sigh.


Petriina said...

Just joo, mulla menisi varmaan viikko ennen kuin saisin tuollaista aikaiseksi :-D

Röyhelö voisi sopia helmaan hyvin.

Tuia said...

Hahaa, salaisuus onkin siinä, että kun on kaava valmiina (ja vain kaksi kaavaosaa), omistaa saumurin eikä jaksa huolitella pääntietä, hihansuita ja helmaa, niin aikaa ei kulu yhtään niihin työläisiin hommiin. 10 minuuttia saattaa olla jopa varsin pitkä aika, lyhyemmässäkin selviäisi ;)

Yanyan said...

I am never sew jersey, I like her, she doesn't like me

Tuia said...

Yanyan, I am just practicing. Jersey and me, we are just getting to know each other, so no hate here, yet. Although I am feeling a bit resentful. Let's hope that feeling goes away! :D


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