Thursday, 8 April 2010

Some random creations

I'm back! It was nice to get away for a few days, but coming back and all the morning hassles of going to work and remembering to pack everything Emma needs in the kindergarten is so stressful.  I need a longer holiday to recover!
I packed loads of yarn with me to our holiday, but I ended up having no time to concentrate on anything major. Instead, I made some dish cloths and tried a few patterns from this book:

Crochet edging & braid
ISBN 978-4-02-190444-8
80 pages

I bought this book not to make crocheted edges but to try these really cute small crochets as such: on shirts, brooches, bags, etc. During the holiday I had time to try a few patterns and I love them! I would have tried others as well, but I had only a limited supply of yarn with me and the colours I had could only be used in some of the projects. Here are my efforts.

A frog - It IS a frog even though my family members did not recognise it. This same pattern would make an awesome bear using brown yarn, eyes would just need to be a bit lower. This one might become a brooch.

A butterfly - Very cute, even though I messed up a bit and the body of the butterfly is twisted in the middle. Doesn't matter, I really love it!

A flower - Ok, but there were nicer flower patterns as well. My choice of yarns did not do any justice to this one, it is supposed to be a daisy...

A candy - Very sweet (pun intended!). I could make loads of these, in all possible colours.

A tiny heart - definitely cute. You really cannot see it in this picture, but it is quite tiny and in the pattern you were supposed to put a tiny bead at the bottom of the heart. I just didn't have any beads to put there.

All in all, an excellent crochet book and presentation was perfect, as always in these Japanese craft books. Here are a few sample pages from the book, you might recognise what I made ;)


Meiju said...

Ihan selvä sammakkohan tuo on :)

Tuia said...

No niin munkin mielestä! Mä en ymmärrä lastani enkä varsinkaan miestä.

Tiiamaria said...

Hienojahan noi on!!!


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