Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Another princess costume

I promised to make another princess dress to a friend's daughter a while ago and it was so much fun to think about the colours and fabrics that I should use. Together with my friend (and naturally her daughter) we decided to use a lovely cream coloured fabric with dark red and golden birds and flowers as the skirt part. I really liked the end result, but was really nervous when making it. I had never made any clothes for anyone else except Emma and myself. Luckily the dress fit.

Here is Emma reluctantly wearing the dress. She really liked the dress but when she heard that it was not for her, she started sulking. She was not happy!

Then I asked her to smile and she gracefully granted one smile. Gee, thanks.

After this picture she took the dress off and refused to pose anymore. Like EVER. Luckily she forgot that very soon :)


Petriina said...

Puku on NIIN ihana :-) Se kerää kehuja joka kerta.

Tuia said...

Tosi kiva, että kelpasi :) Toi lintukangas on niin ihana, hyvä, että se pääsi arvoiseensa käyttöön.


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