Thursday, 1 April 2010

More crocheted necklaces

After making the crocheted necklace for Emma, I kind of started coveting it for myself. Then I found some cotton yarn in nice colours from our local supermarket, and I just had to try and make myself a longer string of crocheted pearls. The yarn was not ideal, since it was a bit too thick but I loved the colours, so that is what I used.

Here is my new necklace using Novita Tennessee yarn (099 black, grey and 184 lilac).

 I am not sure why the beads look like they are different sizes in this photo, since actually they are all the same (except the one that Emma chewed for a while and that actually turned nicer than the rest, so I might just have to wash the necklace to get the same effect to all beads) . Unfortunately the necklace is also too short for me, even though it looks quite long. I should have tried it before I cut the cord... It should be almost double to look good on me, so I'm off to crochet some more!

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