Sunday, 27 March 2011

Thinking of summer - Linen tote

Did I say that I would be having a giveaway in my blog last weekend? Well, apparently someone got weekends mixed up - that someone being busy busy me. Sorry about that! But I will be having the giveaway tonight, after some boring housework has been done. Blah.

Anyway, I made this bag, even though my overlock machine is not working properly. I used my trusty old sewing machine instead. Actually for this project it was the only kind of machine needed since I had to be extra careful with all the pleats.

The fabric is linen, lovely light grey linen from Ikea. The pattern is from this book:

The pattern was easy and the instructions were very clear. However, making the pleats was a pain! In my bag the pleats are not even but let's just call this bag an interpretation of the original... Or something, haha.Next time I know how to do the pleats a bit better, hopefully. The original bag did not have any lining but I wanted to add it. I thought that with all those pleats I would never be able to find keys or coins from the bottom of this tote. I used remnants of the fabric I used for this dress for the lining.

Isn't it cute? I'm just wondering how to make the pleats stay nicely put...


BagMiss said...

A very nice bag! You did a good job with those pleats, I personally hate making them. I'm not patient enough, and I don't have a overlock machine!

Tuia said...

Thanks, BagMiss! Although I think that the photos deceive a bit, in reality the pleats are not very even. And bag is a bit lopsided. But nevermind, I still like it :)


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