Thursday, 3 March 2011

Mario beret

Pattern: Mario beret
Yarn: Lana Cervinia Le Fibre Nobili Mambo, pink (2838)
Needles: 5 dpns

It does not look much like anything in the picture but trust me, it is a very good hat. The shape is just slouchy enough from back and it is a comfortable fit all over. I loved the yarn as well, so nice and soft, a very good purchase. Thanks, Satu!

I gave the hat to my mother who loved it but refused to pose for a picture. What a bore... Luckily I have enough yarn to make me another, perhaps that will be featured in my head. We'll see :)


Meiju said...

Kiva! :) Mambo on ihanaa!

SatuK said...

Hienon näköinen tuli! Mambo sopii tosiaan tähänkin malliin hyvin.


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