Monday, 17 May 2010

Lots of dots and a pair of too tight denim leggings

I finally found courage to tackle jersey fabric and made this dress for Emma. I don't like jersey, because I always have issues with the trimmings, but this time the result was ok. Don't look too closely, though ;)

The pattern is from Burda magazine (April 2010 issue) and very simple. The pattern had three ruffles to the hem, but I only made two. I liked it better this way. Here is an image from the magazine to compare.

I also made the denim leggings (or should I say jeggings...) Emma is wearing. I used an old denim skirt of mine that was very soft and stretchy, but still I managed to make them a bit too tight from the waist. They are very comfortable to wear, but getting them on (and off) is a pain.I think I will have to adjust them a bit , maybe add an elastic waist band or something. 

The pattern for leggings came from one of my Japanese sewing books. I'll let you know which one, when I find it again. I put it somewhere and now I cannot find it at all. Anyway, the pattern for the leggings is very good  and clear,  I am definitely using it again!


Petriina said...

Pallomekko on oikein kiva ja sopii mainiosti farkun kanssa. Mistä löysit tuota pallokangasta ?

Tuia said...

Pallotrikoo on Eurokankaasta, mun mielestä se on Marimekon. Eurokankaassa on noita pallo- ja raitatrikoita kaikissa väreissä, tosi kiva valikoima. Mä olen ostanut ton kankaan yli vuosi sitten, mutta taitaa kuulua perusvalikoimiin.


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