Saturday, 15 May 2010

Curtain skirt - with lace!

I got the fabric for this skirt from my mother. It was actually a curtain, but my mom bought it because she thought I might like the fabric. She was right, I like the colours a lot. The curtains were really cheap, so she also bought two other curtains and I have plans for those as well.

The pockets are made from another curtain! It was just a small fabric scrap, leftovers from a curtain my mom made for her kitchen, but I thought I could use them as pockets, and I did :) There is also a bit of old lace at the hem of the skirt, which is being reused from an old bed sheet.

Emma wanted to yawn in the pictures, so it took me a while to convince her to act at least somewhat normal. She did get her yawning shots and she thought these were the best ones.

1 comment:

Petriina said...

Ihanat, hauskat kuvat !


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