Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sweet things

Look what I found from my parents house! No, there are no chocolates inside anymore (sadly) but something just as sweet. 

My old seed bead crafts! I think these are so cute, although quite pointless. I remember spending hours with my friends making these. It was always very hard to find new instructions and nice-coloured  beads, since there was only one store in my hometown that sold these. Great that my mum saved these. Anyway, I just had to take pictures...

To make these, you'll need thin metallic wire, seed beads and lot's of imagination (or clear instructions, like I had...). My beads and instructions are Japanese, made by Kutsuwa. I don't know if they sell these anymore, I hope so! The bead bottles are so cute.

Emma thought that these were really nice and wanted to try by herself. It seems that the one-dimensional figures are easy enough for a six-year-old but the three dimensional ones require more patience. She made an apple and half of an ice-cream and then she got bored.

I tried as well.

This was so much fun and a great craft for these freezing winter days (-25degrees Celcius...).

If you want to try these by yourselves, here are two patterns for you to try: a piece of cake and a butterfly.


Petriina said...

Suloisia ! Voisikohan noista keksiä koruja tai koristeita vaatteisiin ?

Tuia said...

Varmaan voisi! Ne on kyllä aika pieniä... Kukkasista ainakin saisi hauskoja pinnejä tai rintarosseja, noi cocktail-lasit ja kattilat ei varmaan oikein toimi :D

Ninnuska said...

Wau! Tuosta kakunpalasta tulisi kiva korvis :D

Tuia said...

Totta, Ninnuska :) Astiat päätyi barbeille ja petshopeille, taitaa kakunpalat mennä samoihin leikkeihin. Hyvä että on käyttöä :)


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