Monday, 16 May 2011

New dress for Emma

Emma needed a new dress for her cousin's birthday party. This time I let her choose the fabric (from my stash) and she chose pink. After choosing the fabric I let her choose the pattern as well from my Japanese books and she likes this one the best. The pattern is from Happy Homemade Wardrobe, vol. 2 and so simple and nice. I used the same pattern for a dress last year. This time I omitted the sleeve ruffles and applique, I was in a hurry and both my serger and sewing machine were refusing to cooperate. My machines clearly need some loving care, I just have not had any time to get those fixed. Anyway, I think I am going to add pockets to this dress, it is a bit too plain for my taste.

I also made the ruffled leggings for her but those cannot be seen so clearly from these photos. They were a bit tight so the ruffles are not showing so well anyway. Next time I need to remember to make a bit looser leggings!

As you can see, the backside is a bit funny. As said, I was in a hurry and interpreted the instructions a bit wrong. However, it was a cold day and she was wearing a cardigan the whole day, so no one noticed, LOL.


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