Tuesday, 28 December 2010

First pair of mittens

Pattern: Me Naiset magazine from the 70s
Yarn: 7 veljestä by Novita
Needles: 3

I wanted to try knitting some mittens and since I was visiting my parents, I decided to peruse my mother's stash of old women's magazines. I found a series of basic patterns for socks and mittens and tried this one. Very good and simple pattern, which I will certainly use again. 

The only issue I had was the thumbs. As you can see, they are different sizes. The one on the right was done according to the instructions and ended up being almost a centimeter too long. I guess either the people in the Seventies had longer thumbs or my daughter has unusually short thumbs. Or the pattern is just wrong! I did not bother fixing the right mitten, but I made an improved left mitten. 


Naturally Carol said...

You must be as quick as a flash with those knitting needles now...a hat yesterday and mittens today...very productive! They both look so cosy and will warm cold hands up beautifully.

Tuia said...

Oh Carol, I think I am misleading a bit! I made the hat a week ago and the mittens during Christmas. But I guess I am quite quick anyway, since I have also made two pairs of socks during the Christmas days, just have to blog about them some other day :)

It takes a day or two to knit most of what I do. Baby socks are really fast and so were the mittens. I spent less than a day on those (with constant interruptions of course).


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