Monday, 13 December 2010

Christmas decorations

The picture quality is rubbish, but I hope you do not mind! Also, this should have been shown in Independence day, but I only got the idea then and had no time to implement it. This flag bunting is made from scraps of old linen sheet and jeans.

I am not completely satisfied with this one, since it is a bit dull. I want more colours :) In my childhood, my mother had a bunting with all nordic flags and that is what I want as well. I already started cutting the fabric scraps, I have all the needed colours!


Petriina said...

Tänhän voi sitten vaikka kaupitella jollekin halukkaalle, joka tykkää sinisestä ! ;-)

Tuia said...

Hyvä tietää, pidetään mielessä :)


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