Thursday, 16 September 2010

Busy Busy Busy - lots of WIPs

My mind is full of lovely sewing and crochet projects but I have no time to make those ideas come to life. Work and real life in general seems to take all my time. Perhaps in a week or two things will calm down - Emma will have her autumn (and winter!) clothes sorted out and all the unfinished house renovation projects will be finished, I will have my own clothes closet reorganized and I have learnt to manage time better. I wish... Hah.

In the meantime, here are the projects that I have had time to start but not finish.

- a jeans skirt for Emma (almost finished, just a few finishing touches missing)
- a shirt dress for Emma in nice fall colours (fabric bought, pattern cut)
- crocheted bag for Emma (almost done, finishing touches missing)
- summer dress for me (oops, maybe for next summer?)
- black trousers for me (so boring - have been almost done since April, oops again)
- lining for the pink crocheted basket (did one version already but did not measure properly and it was too small)

I am also planning to make these projects, as soon as I have time.

- crocheted home shoes for me and Emma
- skirt for me
- woollen shorts for Emma (I think she will look so cute in shorts and tights)
- a crocheted brooch for a friend (yes, I am committed and am seeking for inspiration, Petriina ;))

...and probably many other projects that I just cannot remember right now. I even ordered some new bamboo yarns...

I will be back.

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Petriina said...

Aikamoinen lista. Onneksi sentään muistat, mistä me olemme puhuneet ! ;-)


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