Sunday, 1 August 2010


I saw an adorable puppet theatre in Ariadne at Home Kinderen magazine (voorjaar 2010) and just had to make one for Emma.I found the instructions from the magazine's internet pages, but since they were in Dutch, I really could only guess how it was supposed to be made. Fortunately, it is very simple, I think the choice of fabrics make it so nice!

The main fabric I used, is again from Ikea, the curtains are made from the same fabric as Emma's top and Emma's cousins' dresses (and I still have a lot of it left...), the lace is from my stash. The ribbon for the frame came from Pip Studio's sheet packet, the bed sheets were wrapped in it and the curtain holders are Tilda ribbon.

Edit. Few closeups, as requested by Marianna :)

I chose not to put screws to the door frame, since I wanted the theatre to be easily movable to different door frames. Instead, I used an adjustable chin pull up bar, and although the theatre does not cover the whole door opening, it still works just fine. I guess now I should make a few more hand puppets for Emma...


Prinsessa Pieni said...

Tosi kiva! Varmasti mieluinen.
Ja vallan loistavan kiinnitystavan keksit! :)

Anonymous said...

Kiva! Mä haastan sut kuvaamaan vähän lisää, lähikuvat nauhoista ja kankaista olisi kivoja!


byPetra said...

Wow, you already made something from the magazine! And it looks so much fun and beautiful :-)

xx Petra

Tuia said...

Thanks Petra! When I saw this in the magazine, I just had to make it :) Besides, it is very simple and did not take a long time to make.

Marianna, lähikuvia tulossa, kunhan valaistusolosuhteet sen sallivat :)

Kiitos kehuista, Prinsessa Pieni!

Kati said...

Hieno, jälleen kerran! Itselläni on samantapainen mielessä, mutta vähän erilaisella verhoratkaisulla olin ajatellut. Täytyykin katsoa nuo ohjeet!


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