Monday, 2 August 2010

Door stop

I just had to make one. I have tried to find a door stop that would look nice in our home but so far I have been unsuccessful. I think people in Finland do not use door stops or something, the selection is so scarce! I only found iron stops in the shape of different farm animals and although I have nothing against cows or chickens, they just did not seem right for our home.

I decided to make a very simple door stop and made a fabric cube which is a bit narrower at the top. It also has a handle to make it easier to move around. I used again some Ikea fabrics: an old pillow cover I had made earlier and replaced since, and fabric scraps from the previous projects: wide black and white stripes and narrow yellow and white stripes. I really like the fabrics, since they match so nicely with the wallpaper behind our dining table (shown in the first picture). I put sand and wadding inside and since I wanted to make sure that the sand would not leak, I put it inside two plastic bags. The door stop really works even though it could have been a bit smaller. Well, the next one will be perfect!


Anonymous said...

Loistava idea!! :D Saisikohan sitä itsekin aikaiseksi, tuollaisen varmaan osaisinkin jopa tehdä ;) kun on suoria saumoja... Meillä ei ovet tahdo pysyä halutussa asennossa, aina ne paukkuu kiinni tai aukeaa silloin kun ei pitäisi.

Tuia said...

Kiitos, Meeri. Nyt kun toi on ollut pari päivää käytössä, niin on pakko todeta, että se on juuri oikean kokoinen ja -painoinen :) Hassu möykky, Emma yrittää potkia sitä kuin jalkapalloa, mutta onneksi se on sen verran painava, ettei möhkäle liiku mihinkään :D

Minttu said...

Hieno! Mä en jaksa värkätä mutta ihailen sun aikaansaannosta :D


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