Sunday, 26 August 2012

A new shopper

Löysin Marimekon Maalaisruusu-kappaverhon UFFista ja pakkohan siitä oli tehdä tällainen sievä kauppakassi. Taidanpa tehdä toisenkin, sillä tämä menee äidilleni lahjaksi.


I found this Marimekko fabric (Maalaisruusu) from a charity shop. It is actually a curtain but I have no need for such curtains - I just could not leave the fabric behind, since it was cheap and pretty. So, it became a shopping bag. I might just do another one, since I am giving this to my mom.

1 comment:

Naturally Carol said...

Very pretty! I made a bag yesterday, I'll post it on my blog this week..just a shopping bag.


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