Thursday, 22 March 2012

Stripy kneehighs

Pattern: Novita sukkalehti 2011, pattern z (in Finnish, as usual)
Yarn: Novita 7 veljestä (fuchsia & white), pink yarn is vintage 7 veljestä or Nalle, mustard yarn is Finnish lamb wool, bought from a farm
Needles: 3 dpns

I got my inspiration from these colours, they just had to be used together. The pink yarn is from my grandmother's stash, leftovers from a sweater she made for me when I was Emma's age, so it is very old. I have just as old turquoise yarn as well, just have to figure out where to use it :)
The socks were almost impossible to photograph, Emma could not keep still. Oh well, I needed only one shot that was not blurry and I got three!

After all that jumping, she finally had to lie still.

My girl :)


Petriina said...

Iiik, ihanat !

Ja niin hauskat kuvat :D

Tuia said...

Kiitos :)


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