Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Heat clouds

Lately I have been obsessed with clouds, so I wanted to sew something "cloudy". I had this really dreamy linen fabric that was just waiting to be transformed to little clouds, so I used that, and I also had some barley and oat grains that were too old to eat. I just had to make cloud-shaped heat packs! We use heat packs all the time: I need them for my sore neck when I have sewn, knitted or crocheted in a bad position for hours and Emma needs them to ease stomach aches that she sometimes has. We had a very plain linen heat pack but I think these clouds are much nicer.

 I had enough grains to two clouds and one bigger rectangle-shaped heat pack.

To use these, you need a microwave oven and a mug of water. Just put the heat pack and the mug of water to the microwave and let them be there for 2-3 minutes. The water helps to keep the grains from burning, so it is important. I've never had any problems with any kind of heat packs, but still, I would never leave heat packs to the microwave without supervision, just in case.


Ninnuska said...

Ensimmäiset näkemäni lämpötyynyt, joista voin sanoa olevan kauniita! Tuo kangas sopii tuohon tosi hyvin.

Tuia said...

Kiitos Ninnuska! Näistä tuli kyllä ihania ja nyt vaan pohdin, mihin käytän loput tuosta kankaasta. Tai siis noista kahdesta kankaasta... Toinen on vaalean hempeää ja siinä on myös vaaleanpunaista ja toinen on ihan selkeästi musteen/farkun sinistä.


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