Monday, 4 July 2011


I used some leftover fabric strips that I got from my mother (her closets seem to be bottomless) to make a few baskets. We were at the summer cottage and I had lots of time during a thunder storm - crocheting kept my fears under control, LOL. I like the subtle sheen of the fabric strips, some polyester blend most likely.


cookieandclaire said...

I love the way these turned out

Prinsessa Pieni said...

Kivan näköiset tuli :)

Mulla on ollut ostoslistalla jo pitkään iso koukku, mutten ikinä muista ja mun korien teko siirtyy vaan.

Tuia said...

Thanks, cookieandclaire!

Kiitos, Prinsessa Pieni! Mun koukku löytyi huutokaupasta ostamastani tavaralaatikosta, toimii hyvin vaikka on varsin retro :)


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